CAA Québec Approved Auto Repair Service: Green Wrench Program

CAA Quebec: Approved Auto Repair Services

Clé Verte Program
Garage L. Landry et fils inc. is one of CAA Quebec's Approved Auto Repair Services. Our business is also recognized by the Green Wrench eco-rating program, developed by Nature-Action Quebec, a program CAA Quebec participates.
GREEN WRENCH: An innovative program
The GREEN WRENCH environmental certification offers the public and auto shops (for autos, pick ups and trucks) a program for the recognition and valorization of environmental measures.

  • For the auto shop, the GREEN WRENCH certification is an opportunity to improve its level of environmental management, to warranty its uniformity and continuity and to secure a certificate issued by an independent organization.

  • For the car owner, the GREEN WRENCH is a reliable tool, verified by an independent third party, which helps him/her to choose an auto shop respectful of the environment.

Peinture hydrosoluble

GREEN WRENCH applies a world known process, that of standardization. The program verifies in an objective way the quality of environmental measures applied by a collision shop. The GREEN WRENCH independant inspector makes sure that the shop conforms to the program's requirements, according to six great criteria covering residual material, application of procedures and equipments.

GREEN WRENCH has identified measures to apply:

  • regulated obligations;

  • environmental good practices.

The program's requirements are based on the best practices currently available and pulled from recommendations by the Quebec industry experts and auto shop specific programs.
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