Our Code of Ethics


  • We offer you fair and detailed appraisals; clear and precise estimates that are respected;

  • We will only execute necessary repairs;

  • We respect the environment in our actions and in the techniques we use;

  • We provide a national lifetime guarantee as long as the client remains owner of his car;

  • We train our personnel according the to the most recent technical and technological innovations;

  • We only install parts from providers recognized by the insurance companies;

  • We operate with integrity at all time and we take the engagement to not participate in fraud toward the motorist or the insurer;

  • We respect the highest safety standards;

  • We keep the appearance of our establishment clean and make sure our customer service is without fail, from reception to follow up;

  • We deliver quality work that meets the industry standards, at a fair and just price;

  • We notify the client before making a repair that is not planned on the estimate;

  • We share, support and respect the decisions taken by our group.

Réparation pare-choc