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For Garage L. Landry et Fils, protecting the environment is a foremost priority when it comes to the work techniques and the tools used. All necessary precautions are taken to limit the emanation of pollutant in the atmosphere as much as possible.

Garage L. Landry et Fils is resolutely taking a green turn. Products with a toxic solvent base are largely used in the auto repair industry, but Garage L. Landry et Fils is constantly on the lookout for new technology that could make a difference for the quality of the environment. Summer of 2007, Garage L. Landry et Fils opted for a process that is all new in North America. The benefits of this process were widely proven in Europe, for many years.

In the "Centre du Qu├ębec" (Center of Quebec), Garage L. Landry et Fils was the first to adopt this transformation and, since then, in the country, many businesses converted to this method for a healthier atmosphere. This transformation means using a water-soluble which helps protect the environment.

We have children and are concerned with the quality of their environment. Each drop of clean water counts! We know our clients are also sensitive to every action taken for the well being of future generations. Garage L. Landry et Fils, a business looking to better serve you.

  • A sand blaster system with vacuum ensures the control of volatile polluting particles.

  • HVLP guns limit overspray of polluting products, as much in the spray booth as when applying base coats and primers in the shop.

  • Plastics repair is done using welding processes that limit as much as possible the spread of particles caused by sanding epoxy product. In addition to this, primers used are water based materials that cancel the possibility of atomizing solvents.

  • The water-soluble paint mix system ENVIROBASE from PPG. Visit PPG »

  • The "Touch mix" managing and mixing system allows quantity control of mixing products, and provides a report on V.O.C.

  • Ultraviolet drying of certain primers for eliminating isocyanates.

  • The business takes into account the well being of its employees. A large rest area was setup, and the necessary equipment is available to them to ensure increased prevention when it comes to their health and to workplace accidents, thanks to:

    • The ventilation system;

    • Abducens masks;

    • Mask for protection against volatile particles;

    • Visors;

    • Protection glasses;

    • Etc.

In addition to all this, many members of our personnel renew each year their first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation class as per the CSST (government workplace safety) program.

Three of them have the halo carbon license.

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