Miracle System Equipments

Miracle System

Auto repair equipments
We are one of the rare shops in Quebec who own "Miracle System" equipments. These equipments allow us to work efficiently and complete high quality repairs.

A few advantages of this system:

  • Substantially higher repair quality compared to conventional methods.

  • Perfect surface finish.

  • Works on almost any part of the car body.

  • Ergonomic equipments makes our professionals' work easier.

  • Constant welds with high process stability.

  • Works efficiently on a more precise area.

  • Original corrosion protection remains almost unaffected.

  • Reduces time consuming stripping and fitting of interiors, cables and attachments.

  • No over-pulling of the material. No or very little contraction of the panel needed.

  • No problems on thin or high tensile steel panels.

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A few images of these equipments in action:

Auto repair equipments       Auto repair equipments

AiroPower Equipments:

Auto repair equipments       Auto repair equipments