The Service

Technological Equipments
For almost forty years, service has been the cornerstone of Garage L. Landry et Fils. More and more, the auto repair industry is a market based on the importance awarded to the client. Garage L. Landry et Fils has always made it a priority to respect its clients and deserve their trust.

To improve service and allow clients to get their vehicle back as quickly as possible, all the employees of Garage L. Landry et Fils unite their efforts when necessary. In the shop, to minimize the repair cycle, we follow up closely on each step of the production chain. Every hour, production members consult each other to accelerate the repair process and, if necessary, make the necessary corrections to eliminate the funnel effect created by certain steps.

Le serviceCourtesy vehicles from recognized location fleet are made available for clients, as well as a 24 hours / 7 days towing service.

When delivering the vehicle, when weather allows, a canvas is installed on the newly repainted car, a little like unveiling a sculpture. The client can be surprised by the transformation. It is a way we have of pampering our clients.

Through the years, Garage L. Landry et Fils put forward a welcoming service unique in its field in the Drummondville region. The first contact with a potential client is the key to trust and honesty. Inside an office specially fitted for this, the company entrusts a competent person with the task of caring for its clientele, from the first meeting to follow ups. This person stays attentive to the client's expectations. A pleasant, smiley and respectful welcome remains a major asset to ensure an honest, efficient and quality work. This has been our business' trademark for nearly four decades.

Le serviceAn employee keeps a close watch daily on the quality of the products and repair services used. A damaged vehicle estimate specialist is always on location. Estimates are done with a "Panasonic Thoughbook" equipment. This small screen allows real time estimating to accelerate the process, eliminating transcription errors at the same time.

All work is done rapidly, offering as insurance the quality, the precision, the care and the loyalty necessary for the clients' trust. The business offers many added values, like a complete clean up after repair, a valet service, a refinishing and aesthetic cleaning on request.

Garage L. Landry et Fils owns the equipments and the room necessary for repairing all models of cars and pick ups, so the employees acquire the training and competence to work on all types of vehicles.