A Good Tradition

Installations: Garage

From father to son, the Landry family has worked in the auto body industry in Drummondville for over 40 years. A tenant at first with his father Émile, Louis Landry makes the decision, in the beginning of the seventies, to build his own body shop: Garage L. Landry et Fils. He builds it on the actual site on William street.

Established at a strategical location, close to the shopping centers, the main artery (Saint-Joseph boulevard) and Highway 20, the business offers, right from the start, a quick and easy access to his clientele.

In 1991, Jean-Pierre, Louis Landry's son, joins the team and quickly becomes a talented refinisher.

Pere et fils : Louis et Jean-Pierre LandryIn 1994, the increasing popularity of his services encourages Louis Landry to expand his installations. An investment of over $125 000 allows him to double the building's floor size while adding a reception area and making a few changes to respect the environmental standards better.

In Spring of 1994, Garage L. Landry et Fils joins ProColor Auto. This grouping offers the oppurtunity to offer a new dimension to work and customer service. In 2002, Garage L. Landry et Fils is awarded the ProColor Prestige status (selection of the best franchisees). Today, the Drummondville business ensures a national guarantee and great service, which places it ahead of the competition. For its clients, this means quality and trust.

The following years were extraordinary where patronage and production are concerned. In only a few months, the number of employees had to be increased significantly, going from 5 to 16. As with any growing business, Garage L. Landry et Fils chases its ambitions through new projects with one goal in mind, which is to serve honestly and always more efficiently its clientele.

At the start of 2004, Garage L. Landry et Fils' reputation of excellence grows enormously, which creates a great increase in customers. Eventually, not able to answer demand, Louis Landry and his son Jean-Pierre must consider expanding again.

In September of 2004, their project materializes. An investment of $400 000 allows them to double the building's floor size. A larger work space in the shop and a more practical aesthetic center make work even more efficient. A rest area is fitted for employees, and a small conference room for receiving guests. Not to forget larger offices and a better reception area to better serve their loyal clientele.

It is also in 2004, through the expansion project, that another important transaction happens: the reigns of the business are passed to the son of Louis Landry. Jean-Pierre, who has been working at the garage for almost 15 years, earned the skills of certified refinishing expert and is charged with managing the shop. He decides to become owner of the family business. By becoming the owner, Jean-Pierre Landry can uphold the business tradition created by his father.